Lost in the Woods

De'Lamor, Gilgrim, and the Ravenswords

Rethinking the plan

After the party finished their long rest outside the gnoll cave they decided to head back into Guldenberg to get further information about De’Lamor and how he fit in with Chessenta’s war with Unther. As they began to leave, they were confronted by De’Lamor himself! He was on a Wyvern and had a Salt Golem with him. He was furious that he had found his gnolls slaughtered and the entrance to his cave blocked such that he had to use a secret exit to investigate the cause. However, Someone was able to convince him that it must have been another adventuring party at which point De’Lamor asked if they would join his army and hunt down Gilgrim Dragonhammer and his party that has been killing his gnoll bands in the hills lately and he would reward them. The group accepted and De’Lamor flew off with his wyvern.

Traveling back to Guldenberg, the party headed back to the inn and spoke with Jarri Cobblepot some more who pointed them to the mayor, Admon Oakenshield. Admon told them about how De’Lamor had been a hired mercenary war wizard with a band of thugs who were hired to help Chessenta during the war with Unther, but he was never paid what he felt he was due since many of his mercenaries were killed and the money was sent to their families instead, or not paid at all. This caused De’Lamor to go into hiding as he must have come up with new plans for revenge on the people he felt owed him what he was due.

While in town, the party went back to the inn where they met some other customers including a ship’s captain that was awaiting Gilgrim Dragonhammer to come and bring something for shipment, but it appears that Gilgrim is behind schedule. He was apparently looking for a lost mine near the Riders to the Sky mountains. While Molly-Ann was talking with him, Someone successfully picked his pocket and got a ticket to a traveling circus in Luthcheq that is coming through in one month’s time. They also met a ranger who grew up in these parts who was unwilling to take them into the mountains, but pointed them in the direction that Gilgrim was most likely to have taken.

The party then took off into the mountains, found some Abominable Yetis, and then heard some sounds of battle nearby and assisted Gilgrim and the Ravenswords to fight their own battle with even more Abominable Yetis.


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